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Kate regularly appears across the U.S. and U.K. to speak about her books and writing career, and warmly welcomes invitations. Past hosts include literary festivals, universities, schools, libraries, bookstores, museums, members’ clubs and speakers’ series. Email Kate now to discuss your requirements.

As a speaker, Kate is able to draw on her many years of experience as a theatre actress to craft compelling, heartfelt presentations that move and inspire her audiences. Many audience members say they feel they’ve witnessed more a one-woman show than an author presentation… Whether addressing a middle-grade classroom or a university lecture hall, a bookstore or a museum, Kate is completely comfortable communicating and does so in a warm, open and down-to-earth way that engages and touches every listener, no matter their age or intellect.

To date, Kate has personally presented the story of the radium girls in close to 30 states.


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“Kate Moore brought down the house at the Morristown Festival of Books, receiving a rare standing ovation from the 400 readers packed into the venue that afternoon. The standing-room-only audience listened in rapt attention (it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop!), as Kate recounted the story of the radium girls, her detailed research, and fascinating writing process. She was a delight both on-stage and off, enthusiastically interacting with book buyers and happily answering their questions as she signed. We’d welcome her back with open arms!”

- Heather Alexander, Director of Programming, Morristown Festival of Books, Morristown, New Jersey

“Ms. Moore’s 2019 talk on The Radium Girls stands out in my mind as one of the very best in the twenty-year history of our public lecture series… She is among only a half-dozen or so speakers in the entire history of the series to receive a standing ovation… I was impressed by Ms. Moore’s comprehensive and insightful grasp of her subject, but even more by the (seemingly effortless) effectiveness of how she conveyed this information… From the outset of her talk, she captured the audience, drawing them in with a warmth and openness not often found in speakers, even the very good ones. Seldom have I seen anyone establish such instant (and lasting) rapport with an audience… I heartily recommend her.”

- William B. Crawley, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Kate Moore’s visit to our high school was one of the best events of our school year…Through Kate’s heartfelt and interesting presentation, she made a historical event from over one hundred years ago relevant and important, and it was a wonderful learning experience for all.”

- Sheri Schubbe, Library Media Specialist, Peotone Community Unit School District, Peotone, Illinois

“Kate Moore is an outstanding presenter, in any form! She graciously provided the Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists with an online presentation regarding The Radium Girls from her home in the UK to our homes in Illinois, USA. Kate was extremely accommodating and easy to work with... Kate is a master artist with her presentation skills... One viewer described Kate as spellbinding, and I couldn’t agree more!”

- Janelle Murphy, Associate Degree Radiography Program Director, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, Illinois

“Kate presented virtually in our speaker series and it was fabulous! The radium girls’ story is itself compelling and heartbreaking, while also providing room for hope. To hear Kate actually tell the story of the girls in her own voice, though, was beyond words. Her storytelling pulled me in, made me cry, made me mad, and left me feeling like I had just been to the theatre. My co-coordinators for the speaker series were sending real-time thoughts in our private chatroom and so I know I wasn’t alone in feeling this. This is a story to be told and retold, and having Kate as part of that retelling is nothing short of magical.”

- Ruth Sofield (Harper), PhD, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

“Kate Moore is more than an accomplished author, she is also a performer at heart. Her inspirational presentation to our virtual audience about her latest book, The Woman They Could Not Silence, overwhelmed me with emotion. Kate studied the forgotten life of Elizabeth Packard (1816-1897) for two years before resurrecting her in this beautiful work of non-fiction. Anyone who reads Kate’s work knows that she is talented author. I had been told that she is an equally inspiring presenter, but I was not prepared to be swept away. Quite honestly, I was gobsmacked by Kate’s performance because of her articulate, eloquent and passionate ability to convey the courage of Elizabeth’s character. If it were possible to curve the arc of time, I am quite sure that Elizabeth would be so proud that it was Kate who chose to bring renewed attention to her incredible life.”

- Tanya Misselt, Director, River Falls Public Library, River Falls, WI

“Kate was absolutely wonderful in her virtual presentation on The Woman They Could Not Silence. Our audience just adored her. She was so articulate and mesmerising to listen to. Thank you, Kate, for an incredible morning.

- Ellen Fabian, Co-Chair,  Mount Sinai Hospital Literary Club, Montreal, Quebec

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