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“A little gem of a book”
Amazon reader review
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Serialized in the Daily Mail

Translated into several languages

Sox was nominated as Caring Animal of the Year in the

Daily Mirror and RSPCA

Animal Hero Awards


Ghostwritten by Kate Moore for Vikky Turner

“I just feel better now Sox is here. Before, I felt like I wanted to die. I couldn’t even go to parties. Then Sox came along. It feels like our hearts are connected – I love him so much.” - Toby


When Toby Turner was excluded from school for the third time for hitting and kicking his teachers, his family hit rock bottom. Toby, who has autism, felt so upset by his own aggression, he told his parents they would be better off without him.

Terrified, Toby’s mum gave up her job as a nursery nurse to teach him at home while they found a place for him in a special school. Eventually, the only way the family could get Toby out of the house was by giving him headphones, sunglasses and a cap to block out the world.

After a difficult few years, the family was thrown a lifeline by the charity Dogs for Good, which introduced Toby to Sox. The adorable three-year-old Labrador Retriever was trained by the charity to help children with autism. Within two weeks, he had turned Toby’s life around. Together, as a family unit, and with Sox by their side, the Turners have learned to enjoy life again.


“A little gem of a book. Vikky Turner’s autobiographical tale of passion, persistence and sheer dogged determination (pardon the pun) is an inspiration to all parents, but especially those of children with additional needs.”

- Amazon reader review 



“Beautiful book, amazing story. The wonder of dogs never ceases to amaze me and the transformation written about in this book is wonderful. A lovely read... Well written and really gripping.”

- Amazon reader review



“This is an amazing book which highlights the hope and comfort animals can bring to people with disabilities. Truly inspiring and a great read.”

- Amazon reader review



“Beautifully written, such a heartwarming read.”

- Amazon reader review 



“I read this book from cover to cover without putting it down and I have only done that once before. Yes it is a heartwarming story but it is also an incredible insight into the challenges faced by Toby and all the members of his family. If you think you can imagine the depth of the challenges, the devotion and the successes then you are probably mistaken. Read the book and be amazed.”

- Amazon reader review



“Amazing... The story is told with such empathy and compassion, and some parts of it bring you close to tears... Beautiful story, well worth a read!”

- Amazon reader review


“I couldn’t put it down! Compelling to read of all the obstacles Toby and his family have been through and what a remarkable dog and family!”

- Amazon reader review



“A must-read. Brilliant account and understanding of Asperger syndrome by a mother who has lived with it and all its complexities. An excellent book for anyone wanting or needing to improve their knowledge on the autistic spectrum. A heartwarming story too.”

Amazon reader review



“Very moving. Loved the book. How the family coped is amazing. It made me cry. Would definitely read it again.”

- Amazon reader review

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