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“Inside the house of horrors” 
The Sunday Times
The Girls in the Shadows pb.jpg
The Girls in the Shadows pb.jpg

Serialised in The Sunday Times

As seen on Newsnight and Good Morning Britain


Katy’s story was the focus of the acclaimed BBC2 documentary The Cult Next Door


Ghostwritten by Kate Moore for Katy Morgan-Davies

Originally published as Caged Bird

‘I was the shadow child no one ever saw...’

From the day she was born until she escaped aged 30, Katy Morgan-Davies knew nothing but a life in captivity. Her father was the deluded and cruel leader of a cult based in South London who brainwashed those around him.

Her father’s paranoia and his need to completely control others led to Katy being imprisoned indoors and denied any kind of love or friendship. From a young age, Katy’s father subjected her to violence and mental abuse. She was not permitted contact with anyone outside the house and on the rare occasions she did have to go out, she was always chaperoned.

Katy never gave up hope of one day breaking free from her father’s cruel clutches and finally found her freedom. This is her true story of endurance and survival.


“[Takes you] inside the house of horrors. Katy Morgan-Davies spent the first 30 years of her life imprisoned by her father in a house in south London. He was the self-styled Comrade Bala, a sadist who forced his daughter and six adult ‘comrades’ to worship him as a god. This is her account of their brutal life inside the Maoist cult.”

- The Sunday Times



“Amazing, insightful and gripping.”

- Waterstones bookseller, staff pick



“I’ve just finished reading this book. I wanted to leave a review that would do it justice, but to be honest it’s so poignant it has left me speechless. All I can say is, if I ever meet Katy in person I will give her the biggest hug ever.”

- Amazon reader review 



“Emotional rollercoaster. This book is just mind-gripping from start to finish. Both heartbreaking and humbling... Such an inspirational story of never giving up or losing hope.”

- Amazon reader review 



“Despite the terrible experiences Katy endured growing up in this cult, she writes about her life without histrionics... Once I began reading, I was mesmerized by Katy’s voice and instantly found myself caring for her! Katy takes you on her journey, and once I became a fellow traveller I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting!”

- Amazon reader review 



“So wonderfully written.”

- Amazon reader review 



“Amazing read!! Beautifully bold! The raw honest accounting and no-holds-barred emotional impact of this story will stay with you long after you finish the book.”

- Amazon reader review

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